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On the beach in 1968 (my wife hated the old photo)

Why the hell would anyone want to see this? Anyway, it's still under construction.

OK, first, the fast background information: Somehow, I made it through WPI, picking up a BS degree in Chemical Engineering in 1979. Failing to learn from my experiences, I followed this up with an SM (no, I don't know why they don't just call it an MS) in Chemical Engineering from MIT in 1981, and, after the longest master's program in the department [just couldn't stop cramming stuff into the thesis - God only knows what good all the extra credits are], I also picked up an MS in Computer Science from WPI in 1991.

Along the way, I've happened across a PE (Chemical Engineering again), a patent, and some publications. I spent about 11 years at Texas Instruments, 2 years at Badger Engineers (pre-RE&C), 3.5 years as a project manager at Process Facilities Inc., a medium sized (used to be very small) engineering company in Boston, 1.5 years as Director of Engineering at Copley Pharmaceutical, and then back to PFI as Director of Process Engineering and Director of Pharmaceutical Process Technology. After all that, now I'm co-owner of Industrial Facilities Design, Inc. (IFDI), a specialty engineering firm supporting pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device clients. Go figure.

I've set up links to areas that interest me as hobbies, and professionally. There's some interesting stuff at the end of the links.

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